At first glance, using a VA may seem like an expensive option, but it could save you money…

Here are five financial benefits to using a VA.

10 Hours
5% Discount
Perfect for the small business owner who just needs to get on top of the regular admin tasks. Outsource all those little things that eat in to your working day.
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20 Hours
7.5% Discount
For the small business owners who want to hand over some of their more time comsuming weekly tasks, such as the regular magagement of their social media,
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30 Hours
10% Discount
What could you achieve if you had an extra day each week to focus on growing your business, safe in the knowledge that your administrative tasks were all being taken care of?
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Ad Hoc
Standard Rate
Pay only for the time that you need, billed in 15 minute increments and with no minumum. Perfect if you need some documents to be formatted or have a small data entry project.
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Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Monthly packages are payable in advance and a maximum of five hours can be carried forward to the following month.

Travel and additional expenses, such as postage, will be agreed beforehand and charged at cost.