How Can I Help You?

I’m here for the people who want to offload their administration so they can focus on the tasks they love doing and the things they’re brilliant at.

If you’re not sure what tasks you can outsource to me, here are some ideas…

Executive Assistance

Could you get more done if you had a trustworthy assistant to filter your emails, schedule your meetings and manage your diary?

Diary management is particularly useful for coaches and consultant with numerous appointments to be made and confirmed.  You can leave me to handle the last-minute requests and cancellations, coordinate calls across different time zones, and ensure all your meeting details are confirmed.

Meeting Minutes

With an external and impartial minute taker, it’s easier for participants to discuss sensitive subjects freely, knowing that confidentiality is assured.  It also allows your attendees to fully participate in the discussion and to focus their attention on the meeting, rather than on making notes.

In addition to capturing and producing your minutes with care,  I can also assist with agenda preparation,  and the coordination and distribution of meeting materials to attendees

 Back-End Office Management

Do you have all of your systems and documents in place? Is everything up-to-date?

I love to create and maintain filing systems, databases, templates, organisational charts, manuals, and policies & procedures documents.

It makes me happy.

*I would *almost* pay you to let me work on yours (but not quite)…

Documents and Presentations

I can edit, format and proofread your documents to ensure you’re presenting a polished and professional image.  I can also set up templates for reports, presentations, correspondence and other documents, using your corporate branding.


I can carry out research on your clients, competitors and suppliers to ensure that you’re always fully prepared for meetings.  I can also source statistics, images and quotes to support your reports and presentations. Whether you need reports on industry trends or a comparison of accounting software packages, I will source accurate information and present the findings in a format that suits you.

Social Media

I’m a ‘Digital Mums’ graduate, with a diploma in Social Media Management.   I’d love to help you set-up the social media profiles for your business, research, write and schedule content, source or create images, and, most importantly, engage with your followers.

Event Management

I’m an experienced event manager, with a very strong background in hospitality.  I’ll take the stress out of organising your event and ensure that everything goes smoothly. I can support you throughout the planning process to keep everything on track.  On the day of your event, I can be on-site to liaise with your suppliers, manage the logistics and ensure that you are free to relax and enjoy your event.

Personal Tasks

Do you have lots on your personal to-do list?  I can help you with anything from restaurant reservations to insurance renewals.

Did you have something else in mind?  The list above is far from exhaustive, so please do get in touch if there’s something else you need help with. 

I’m always happy to learn new skills, and I regularly invest in training to ensure that I’m up-to-date with my clients’ preferred systems and software.