Six Splendid Reasons To Use An Event Coordinator

Would you ever use an event coordinator? I would. Even though I’ve been involved in organising many, many weddings, if I was getting married I would absolutely hire another professional to manage the details and support me on the day.

We put so much time and energy in to planning special events with family and friends such as birthday parties, christenings, reunions and weddings. Then come the day we’re ‘on duty’ and managing our event, rather than creating amazing memories with the people we love.

The build-up can also be stressful. Planning an event can often be tremendous fun, but budgets can get out of hand, time runs out and emotions take over. No one wants to spend the night before their wedding trying to cobble together a table plan that won’t upset Auntie Grace, while weeping tears of regret over the £500 they’ve handed over for a flock of doves to be released during the photos – even though they’re pathologically terrified of birds.

People often think that an event coordinator is an unnecessary expense, especially when they can do the work themselves. Although I’m obviously biased, I genuinely believe that it’s an expense worth seriously considering, and here are my six reasons why:

You have a professional sounding board.

When you’re planning an event, especially a wedding, it’s very easy to get carried away. There are a wealth of bridal magazines, Pinterest boards and wedding shows out there, all packed with ideas for your day.  An event coordinator will have the experience and knowledge to help you refine your ideas and work out what the best options are for you.

You’ll save time.

An event coordinator has already done the research and has the industry knowledge, so they will be able to quickly present you with ideas and options for your event. They can recommend and shortlist suppliers, and even meet with them on your behalf to finalise details. In the run-up to your event, they will review the details, checking and confirming every aspect of the day. One the day of your event, your coordinator will arrive early in order to meet with your suppliers and check on the set-up.

 You’ll save money.

An event coordinator will help you work out your budget and, more importantly, they will help you to stick to it. They will know which areas are appropriate for cost-cutting measures and will help you to save on unnecessary expenses.

 You’ll have access to great suppliers.

Event coordinators will have previously worked with a range of suppliers. They’ll know which DJs always fill the dancefloor, which caterers will delight your guests, and where to source those fantastic 3ft balloons. They know who is reliable, who provides great value for money, and who should be avoided.

Your paperwork will be perfect.

Your event coordinator will pull together all the details, ensuring nothing is missed. They will put together a budget, an event timeline and an itinerary for the day. They will ensure that you have copies of all your supplier contracts and their contact details. They can assist with table plans, floorplans and create bespoke checklists. Once all your paperwork is in place, you’re on track for a smooth running event.

You can relax and enjoy your event.

The best reason of all as far as I’m concerned! Your event coordinator will have worked with you to plan your event and will know exactly what your expectations are. They will check on the venue set-up and ensure that the suppliers are in place prior to your arrival. During the event they will ensure that your timeline is being adhered to and will make sure everything is going to plan. Most importantly, they will be able to act as your eyes and ears, identifying any potential issues and smoothing out any problems.  You can relax and enjoy your time with your guests, confident that someone else is taking care of the details.

As an experienced event coordinator, I love helping my clients to bring their dream events to life, and then seeing them relax and have fun on the day. I offer an ‘Elevate Your Event’ package designed to take the stress out of the planning process, this includes

  • Sourcing of suppliers
  • Personalised budget spreadsheet and advice
  • Creation of event timeline and itinerary
  • Guest list and RSVP management
  • On site event coordination

If you have an upcoming event, I’d love to meet you for a coffee and a chat about your plans. There is no charge, and no obligation to use any of my services. Just email me at to set up a time.